Whose vote counts? Achieving better results in global research on sexual and reproductive health and rights – World

Cristina Mattison, Elena Ateva, Luc De Bernis, Lorena Binfa, Jama Ali Egal, Karyn Kaufman, Marie Klingberg-Allvin, Elisa Maria Maffioli, Mary Renfrew, Pragati Sharma

Summary box

  • Many indicators related to sexual and reproductive health and rights have worsened, with COVID-19, war and strong conservative political movements around the world reversing decades of improvement.

  • Improving sexual and reproductive health and rights creates a cascading effect that contributes to gender equality and power and improves overall health and well-being.

  • Any solutions to problems in global sexual and reproductive health and rights research first require recognizing the fundamental disconnect between who conducts the research and the real needs of care users.

  • We encourage the pursuit of transdisciplinary solution-oriented questions and research designs that address the needs of local communities by drawing on the knowledge of diverse interprofessional groups, across geographic regions, who have access to resources and space that amplify their voices and ways of working.

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