Social media and mental health linked to rise in e-cigarette use among US teenagers

Study: Social media and e-cigarette use: The mediating role of mental health conditions. Image Credit: Diego Cervo / Shutterstock

In a recent study published in Journal of Affective Disorders, researchers from Pennsylvania investigated the role of mental health status indicators in the relationship between social media use and e-cigarette use among youth. They found that symptoms of anxiety and depression mediated the association between social media use and e-cigarettes among youth. Study: Social media … Read more

25 years of fighting against tobacco | Johns Hopkins

Jonathan Samet, MD, paints a smoky picture of his early medical career when smoking was the norm and even allowed in hospitals. “The so-called hospital station was full of smoke, some special officers were walking around with cigarettes in their hands, and instructors were smoking in class,” said Samet. “The world was completely different.” Samet, … Read more