Lynn Donkin, Bolton’s director of public health, welcomes public consultation on vital action for a smoke-free generation to end the harms of smoking

Published: Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Bolton residents are now being invited to take part in a national public consultation seeking views on plans for a smoke-free generation and tougher measures to tackle youth smoking

Bolton residents are now being invited to take part in the national public consultation to seek opinions on plans for a smoke-free generation and tougher measures to tackle the problem of cigarette smoking among young people reducing the attractiveness, accessibility and accessibility of numbers to our children.

The consultation is open to anyone, of any age, in Bolton and across the UK, and includes proposals for a smoke-free generation and restrictions on child-friendly vape flavors and brightly colored packaging.

The facts are that smoking is damaging many lives in Bolton. It causes most lung cancers and increases the risk of many other types of cancer and causes stillbirths, asthma in children, heart disease, strokes and dementia.

In Bolton, smoking contributes to an average of 382 deaths per year and more than 2,200 hospital admissions to Bolton residents. No other consumer product kills up to 2 out of 3 users.

The figures show that:

  1. Most smokers start as teenagers, and 83% smoke before the age of 20.
  2. Three-quarters of smokers would never start smoking if they had the choice again.
  3. Smokers who start smoking younger have higher levels of tobacco dependence and have a higher lifetime risk of lung cancer and heart disease.
  4. There is support for action: 8 out of 10 adults in Greater Manchester support quitting smoking – including half of smokers – with the aim of fewer than 5% of smokers by 2030.

Proposals under discussion include making it an offense for anyone born on or after January 1, 2009 to be sold tobacco products. There is also an emphasis on limiting vape flavors and descriptions so that vape flavors are no longer aimed at children.

The measures outlined in this consultation will ensure we continue the downward trend in smoking in Bolton and end the harm caused by smoking.

It is important to recognize that while vaping can help adult smokers to quit smoking, there are many concerns surrounding children and young people who smoke. Urgent action is needed to address the pricing, marketing and packaging of these products to reduce their appeal to children.

Now we have a once in a generation opportunity to make a difference.

Everyone is encouraged to have their say and respond to this consultation – a key step towards making smoking a thing of the past and keeping our children and young people safe.

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