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48 hours of combining skills to solve 21 health-related challenges. 7e Hacking Health bisontin achieved recognition and enviable cruising speed, always with the same freshness and enthusiasm. Focus, in this month devoted to pink October, on the support bra after mastectomy.

Catherine Chaillet
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There is a palpable warmth in the air on this chilly October Sunday as you enter the doors of the Medical Department. Hacking Health t-shirt color provides information about everyone: project manager, organizer, team member.

Since its inception, 8 patents have been applied for , 3 start-ups created and as many in development, not forgetting 8 applications put on the market and 27 projects in development. For this 7e edition, around 300 students, healthcare professionals, lawyers, engineers, digital programmers or designers focus on mastering 21 challenges. Among which is the current one in this Pink October, which encourages the display breast cancer -, to create a comfortable and effective compression device after mastectomy.

The patient’s words

Yolande Maisonnette, surgeon in obstetrics and gynecology, and Sandrine Bey, health director in gynecology at the University Hospital, are leading the project. With them, students of engineering, biomedicine, occupational therapy and optical BTS to bring gray matter, inventiveness, technical… Charlotte Laleye is the first to speak, suffering from cancer. It explains not only the discomfort of existing devices, but also physical and psychological difficulties and pain. Influence on femininity. “I’m doing this to help the next affected women access more peaceful and comfortable care. » Healthcare professionals are convinced that the patient’s expertise is essential.

An innovative compression device after mastectomy

Compression is intended to avoid the risk of edema associated with the accumulation of fluid, blood, or lymph after mastectomy. Bras, American bandages and cold compresses with an analgesic effect are not enough. “We compared our ideas until Saturday at 2 p.m., and then we imagined a bra that covers the underside of the arm and has a pocket for ice. We have developed a more flexible compression system with an air chamber. Finally, we are working on aesthetics with another modular pocket to slide the prosthesis. »

Two men

The excited team has already built a prototype. It’s the first step, because you still have to work on the materials, find the right fabrics, but the cut is there, after many stressful, studious and happy hours.

“It’s important to talk about breast cancer anyway. Today we negotiate with patients to find solutions adapted to each, it is important to think about a more effective product. And we are very happy that there were two people in our team. That is encouraging. »

Other episodes will follow, but this first step thanks to Hacking Health has boosted everyone’s morale.

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