Formula 1, Mexican Grand Prix – Max Verstappen (Red Bull) will be accompanied by two bodyguards in Mexico

He didn’t want to, but he would still accompany him. This weekend, for the Mexican Grand Prix, the Red Bull team hired two bodyguards to protect their driver Max Verstappen. It is Helmut Markosports advisor of Red Bull Racing, who confirmed the information on F1 InsiderTHURSDAY. Source link

PSG crashed out against Kiel at the top of Group A in the Champions League

Samir Bellahcene decisive After returning from the locker room, the game was completely wild, both teams scored goals from quick play. Led by their 21-year-old phenomenon from the Faroe Islands, Elias Ellefsen in Skipagöt (7 goals), Kiel led by two goals (19-21, 39.). The Parisians responded immediately under the leadership of David Balaguer (25-23, 45.). … Read more

Pierre Kalulu doesn’t mince words about Warren Zaire-Emery

After the defeat of AC Milan at the Prince’s Park against Paris Saint Germain in Champions League (3-0), French defender, Pierre Kalulu wanted to praise the young Parisian community, Warren Zaire-Emerythe author of a great performance with two assists. The rest after this ad Pub. the 26/10/2023 09:14 He CAN laugh 26/10/2023 20:54 Source link