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SHCC attacks on health care

The section aligns with the definition of an attack on health care used by the Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition (SHCC).



September 15, 2023: In Ouzal, Koza, Mayo-Tsanaga Department, Far North Region, suspected ISWAP or Boko Haram militants looted a health center and civilians. They took medical supplies, money, food and other valuables. Source: ACLED

Around September 23, 2023: In Oudjila, Mayo-Sava Division, Far North Region, a health center was allegedly robbed by an unidentified armed group. Equipment and medicines were taken away. Sources:
ACLED and Chronicles of Lake Chad

Around September 26, 2023: In Kembong village, Mamfe, Manyu Division, Southwest Region, the district hospital was destroyed by Ambazonian separatists. Source: Cameroon News Agency

Democratic Republic of the Congo

As reported on October 2, 2023: In the Isale-Vuhovi group, North Kivu province, health centers have reduced their activities in the area as a result of insecurity. Source: Motorcycle Radio

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