Access mental health and addiction support anywhere with a new digital hub

What is eCLiPSE?

eCliPSE provides 24/7 access – at no cost – to evidence-based self-help resources (eg, fact sheets), self-monitoring and monitoring features, and nine based on evidence and informative online programs that address mental health and addiction issues and trauma. With consultations from experienced mental health and drug and alcohol clinicians, the hub is a one-stop digital one-stop shop to support you, your families and friends when mental health or drug use becomes unmanageable.

It also provides support to families and friends who support loved ones who have these problems.

eCliPSE is currently being rolled out in NSW directly to consumers and mental health and drug and alcohol services, via a large trial funded by NSW Health, National Health and Medical Research Council, Ramsey Hospital Foundation and Beyond Blue. The trial aims to identify the most effective ways to encourage people with mental health and substance abuse problems to download and use eCliPSE and how best to integrate eCliPSE into existing mental health and alcohol and drug services.

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